I met Dave at a Craft and Artisan Fair in Buxton in late 2013. I was blown away by his designs and decided there and then that I must have one of his glass panels in my home. Following an extremely interesting consultation/design/creation process my transom window was fitted on May 10th 2014. To say that I’m extremely pleased with it is a massive understatement! What I particularly like is the fact that my window is uniquely mine – and Dave’s of course – as no-one else will have anything quite like it.

Sue Haywood

This is the second window Dave has made for us. The only response to this work is ‘wow’. We couldn’t have asked for more from you Dave. Our commission was to create something beautiful to obscure the outside view but you have created a real masterpiece. It’s only been in place for a few hours and already you are impacting on our lives. Many many thanks.

Pat Mellor

Dave consulted at every step of the way taking us step by step through the initial design process where we explored all options from formal to abstract and to what season we wished to reflect even to deciding the thickness, colour and textures we preferred in the glass he ultimately sourced.

Vicky Webber

His examples of a stylized view of Calder Valley depicting the four seasons were perfect and we were thrilled with the finished results. The imaginative blend of gloriously coloured and textured glass highlights the forms and shapes of fields, tress, moorland and sky.

Sue Dennis

On sunny mornings, our walls are warmed with speckles of coloured light, as the jewel-like studs set into the picture refract the sun’s rays.

Anne Osbourne

It’s been such an amazing and enjoyable weekend! Your enthusiasm for the subject and not letting us be satisfied with gaps and wobbles has resulted in a great transfer of knowledge so we are truly proud of what we’ve achieved.

Julie Sloan

This was the best ‘short course’ I have ever done. It has really motivated me to go out and buy the equipment and have a go myself. The sense of satisfaction and excitement from making a really presentable panel is immense. I would really like to do another course to develop my techniques. The workshop facilities were excellent: It was nice to have my own workbench and space.

Claire Wolstencroft