Coeur de Lion

Pub Door window, 2021

This design for this window was based on the pub sign outside the Coeur de Lion, the smallest pub in Bath. It features several references to Sugworth Hall, the client's home, and was commissioned following the extensive restoration of 146 windows that I undertook there.

Mare and Foal

Play room picture window, 2019

This window was commissioned by the client for the play room in their new home . The aim was to make a feature of an opening in the stone wall by designing a window featuring a horse and foal. I felt the best way to create this was by painting a window focussing on the relationship between a mare and her foal. The design was painted on English Antique glass using traditional techniques.

Tree Frog

Free-hanging panel, 2015

This design was created for a client whose French farmhouse was visited annually by these striking creatures

Mother and Child

Exhibition panel, 2011

This design is based on an original commission depicting scenes from the Life of Jesus. The design was changed to enhance it and make it more universal in portraying the relationship between mother and child.

A Deep-cut Water Course

Interior screen panel, 2016

This window was created as the final part of a kitchen refurbishment. It provides a focal point between the two rooms and is based on elements from the local landscape which were most significant for the client 

Clematis Abstract

Oriel window, 2016

This window was created on the theme of one of the clients favourite flowers, the Cote D"Azur clematis


Exhibition panel, 2008

This panel was created for the 40cm2 Exhibition curated by the British Society of Master Glass Painters. The sole brief was to create a panel 40cm x 40cm in size, and the design was inspired by a highly magnified view of a peacock feather. 'A hidden world within'


Mezzanine entrance window, 2006

Created as an abstract to highlight the beauty of mouth blown glass

Autumnal landscape abstract

Sidelight windows, 2015

This pair of panels was created  to frame a new entrance to the living room. The client wanted an abstract design which strongly featured autumnal colours and the leaf shapes of local trees and wild flowers

Autumnal landscape abstract

Sidelight windows, 2015

This pair of panels was commissioned together with another set for the living room. The brief here was to create an abstract design which featured abstract representations of local wildlife which lay hidden within the overall abstract design. The panels were made entirely of English Antique Glass


Front door lancet panel, 2015

The brief here was simply to create a panel which featured bluebells and a bee, and still allowed a view of the garden beyond

Grace's Window

Celebration window, 2015

This window was commissioned to celebrate the life of one of the pupils at White Waltham C of E Academy. It was a privilege to create this window, and the children at the school contributed their memories in the form of some great pencil sketches. The overall theme was very positive, inspired by the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" and the magical Blue Morpho butterfly.


Stairwell window, 2015

The brief for this window was to create an abstract which incorporated 'hidden' references which were meaningful to the client. The window also needed to afford a degree of privacy without cutting out the light, hence the use of some heavily textured glass

Stringed Abstract

Stairwell window, 2015

This was a window created for a very musical family whose members included a stringed instrument maker and two talented fiddle players. The brief for the window was to create an abstract which contained the essential elements of both fiddle and mandolin. Made entirely of mouthblown glass.

Thistle Abstract

Bathroom window, 2014

This pair of panels was created to provide some privacy for a client's bathroom. The design was based on the fretwork in a favourite chair


Abstract Flow

Transom window, 2013

One of my favourites. This window was commissioned by the client with no other purpose other than to celebrate the beauty of light shining through coloured glass


Prayer Room Window, 2013

These windows were installed in the new Prayer Room at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. They were commissioned following a relocation of the original space, and the brief was to create a window that would encouage peaceful contemplation and calm for all users of the room. The idea is based on a nearby Peak District landscape and the idea of the circle of life. To encourage meditation the window contains images of life in all elements; salmon in the water, birds in the sky and the grasses of the local landscape. They are not immediately obvious to the eye, they are more revealed on closer examination.

Cat Gazing at Fly

Sidelight window, 2006

Semi-abstract front porch window created for cat lovers!

Victorian Twist

Door panels

Paired door panels with floral design based on a family woodcarving

Abstract Tryptich

Free-standing panel, 2010

This set of three hanging panels was commissioned to make a feature of an archtop cove in the client's living room. The abstract design was created to link in with other stained glass panels in the same house


Feature window, 2012

Made with a mixture of glasses, the brief here was to produce a window with a classical Pre-Raphaelite style to suit the surrounding decor.


Music room window, 2010

This window depicts the theme of the four seasons, combined with a spiral fortuitously suggesting the scroll of a double bass (an instrument played by both clients)

Y Ddraig Goch

Interior door panel, 2008

Interior door panel depicting 'Y Ddraig Goch', the Welsh Dragon


Practice panel, 2006

This small free-hanging panel was created as an exercise in traditional painting, staining and enamelling techniques


Free-hanging practice panel, 2005

Hanging panel depicting the Nativity. Painted from the original 19th Century French cartoon, personal project undertaken at the Hardman Studio, Birmingham

The Owl...

Sidelight window, 2012

An abstract panel based on a natural theme with owl. This window forms one of a matching pair of hallway entrance windows

And the Kingfisher

Sidelight window, 2012

An abstract panel based on a natural theme with kingfisher. This window forms one of a matching pair of hallway entrance windows

Calder Valley

Feature windows, 2003

These two panels depict the Calder Valley and Stoodley Pike in West Yorkshire, and were commissioned by the client as a four seasons window.

High Peak Abstract

Feature window, 2006

An abstract window panel based on elements of the High Peak landscape

Watery Abstract

Front door panel, 2007

This panel was commissioned by the client to enhance the light coming into the hallway.

Hide 'n' Seek

Exhibition panel, 2012

This panel was created for the Games 2012 Exhibition curated by the British Society of Master Glass Painters at the University of Swansea in Wales. The sole brief was to create a panel whose design was based on the theme of games. I used the opportunity to try out new techniques with glass painting

Wedding Celebration

Transom window panel, 2007

An abstract transom window whose design is based on that of the clients' wedding rings

St Nicholas' C of E School, Blackpool

Architectural commission, 2010

The idea for this window came about after the School was extended and a new hall built in March 2009. The 1m x 5m window was unveiled at a Dedication Ceremony held on 16th September 2011, which was attended by the whole School including former teachers and pupils. The stories and teachings of Jesus play a very important part in the lives of the children at the School so the window was designed around five significant events in His life. From bottom to top the panels depict the Nativity, Jesus talking with Children, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the topmost panel symbolizes the Light and a candle flame which is one of the motifs of the School.

When designing this window I wanted to express these events in a way that was both accessible, meaningful and uplifting to the children. So with the Nativity panel, for example, I also wanted to convey the power of the relationship between a mother and child. by having each facing the other in a moment of tenderness.

Celebration window

Oriel window, 2012

This abstract design was commissioned to celebrate the life of a family member, and the brief was to create a design that was both beautiful in itself but which also had hidden meaning for the family

Red Poppy

Front Door Panel

This small front door panel was designed simply to reflect the beauty of the poppy flower


Oriel window, 2009

This abstract window was created with vibrant colours and plenty of movement, along with considerable contribution from the clients, both of whom are artists in their own right

Ashford in the Water

Light box panel, 2005

Landscape panel based on the Sheepwash Bridge, Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire